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S.No. Year Title Link
1 Part-1 Obelia(Rashmi Rekha) Download
2 Part-1 Biosphere(Rashmi Rekha) Download
3 Part-1 Mouth-part-of-insects(Rashmi Rekha) Download
4 Part-1 Chi-square-method.(Rashmi Rekha) Download
5 Part-1 Leishmania-donovani (Rashmi Rekha) Download
6 Part-2 Feeding-in-amphioxus (Rashmi Rekha) Download
7 Part-2 Classification-of-amphibia (Rashmi Rekha) Download
8 Part-2 Flight-adaptation-of-birds (Rashmi Rekha) Download
9 Part-2 Digestive-System-of-Pigeon (Rashmi Rekha) Download
10 Part-2 Neoteny (Rashmi Rekha) Download
11 Part-3 Transcription (Rashmi Rekha) Download
12 Part-3 Glycolysis (Rashmi Rekha) Download
13 Part-3 Kreb-cycle-3 (Rashmi Rekha) Download
14 Part-3 Oriental-Region (Rashmi Rekha) Download
15 Part-3 sericulture (Rashmi Rekha) Download
S.No. Title Link
1 Economics-defination Download
2 Theory-of-Demand Download
3 Defination-of-Money-3 Download
4 Quantity-theory-of-money-Fishers-Approach Download
5 Banking-System Download
6 Commercial-Bank Download
7 RBI-Methods-of-Credit-Control Download
8 Gold-Standard-1 Download
9 Money,Currency&Coin Download
10 Public-FinanceMax.-social-advantage Download
11 National-Income-method-of-measuring Download
12 Theory-of-Production Download
13 Meaning-and-Measurement-Economic-Growth Download
14 Arithmetic Mean by Direct metod Short-cut method Download
15 Inflation Download
16 Deflation-by-M.K.Sardar Download
17 Arithmetic-Mean-by-Step-deviation-method-by-M.K.Sardar Download
18 Determinant-by-M.K.Sardar-1 Download
19 P-01_अर्थशास्त्र_परिभाषाएं_मुख्य_तथ्य_एवं_आलोचनाएं BY-Dr.-Kumari-Rekha Download
20 क-खंड-01-सांख्यिकी-परिभाषा-व-क्षेत्र BY-Dr.-Kumari-Rekha Download
21 P01_ख_अर्थशास्त्र_विषय_वस्तु_प्रकृति_एवं_सीमाएं-BY-Dr.-Kumari-Rekha Download
22 P07_क_खंड_2विभिन्न_क्षेत्रों_में_सांख्यिकी_महत्त्व-BY-Dr.-Kumari-Rekha Download
S.No. Year Title Link
1 Part-1 (sub) Ultrastructure-of-plant-cell-1 Download
2 Part-1 (sub) Ultrastructure-of-plant-cell-2 Download
3 Part-1 (sub) Ultrastructure-of-plant-cell-3 Download
4 Part-1 (sub) Ultrastructure-of-plant-cell-4 Download
5 Part-1 (sub) Ultrastructure-of-plant-cell-5 Download
6 Part-1 Cell-Cycle (Interphase)-1 Download
7 Part-1 Mitosis Stages Download
8 Part-1 Meiosis Download
9 Part-1 Meiosis-I-1 Download
10 Part-1 Meiosis-Types-and-Phases-1 Download
11 Part-1 (Hons.) Cell-cycle-1 Download
12 Part-1 (Hons.) Cell-Cycle-2 Download
13 Part-1 (Hons.) cytokinesis Download
14 Part-1 (Hons.) Mitosis Download
15 Part-1 (Hons.) Meiosis-1 Download
16 Part-1 (Hons.) Meiosis-2 Download
17 Part-1 (Hons.) Meiosis-3 Download
18 Part-III (Hons.) Osmoregulation-1 Download
19 Part-III (Hons.) Osmoregulation-2 Download
20 Part-III (Hons.) Ascent-of-sap 1 Download
21 Part-III (Hons.) Stomata-function Download
22 Part-III (Hons.) Theories-for-Ascent-of-Sap Download
23 Part-III (Hons.) Notes-onPassive-and-Active-ion-absorption Download
24 Part-III (Hons.) Passive-ion-absorption Download
25 Part-III (Hons.) Short-Note-on-Theories-for-Ascent-of-Sap Download
26 Part-III (Hons.) Translocation-of-solutes Download
S.No. Title Link
1 BSc Download
2 Unit-8 Download
3 TDC-I-unit-7 Download
S.No. Year Title Link
1 PART–1(Hons.) Einsteins-Postulates-of-Special-Theory-of-Relativity (Dr. Sanjeev Kumar) Download
2 PART–1(Hons.) Inertial frame of reference (Dr. Sanjeev Kumar) Download
3 PART–1(Hons.) The-Lorentz-FitzGerald-Length-Contraction(Dr. Sanjeev Kumar) Download
4 PART–1(Hons.) Time-Dilation(Dr. Sanjeev Kumar) Download
5 PART–1(Hons.) Addition-of-velocities(Dr. Sanjeev Kumar) Download
6 PART–2(Hons.) Maxwells-Electromagnetic-Field-Equations (Dr. Sanjeev Kumar) Download
7 PART–2(Hons.) Maxwells-Stress-Tensor (Dr. Sanjeev Kumar) Download
8 PART–3(Hons.) Explain-What-is-Mean-by-Plasma-Discuss-the-conditiona-of-Existence-of-Plasma(Dr. Sanjeev Kumar) Download
9 PART–3(Hons.) Microscopic-and-macroscopic-properties-of-plasma(Dr. Sanjeev Kumar) Download